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Over the past two years, companies of varying sizes in different sectors have encountered challenges in facing the Covid-19 pandemic. Accelerated digital transformation processes, new demands from the market and society, as well as new legal developments and exceptions to existing legislation, have all impacted their business activities.

In 2021, Mattos Filho did not let up, identifying that certain practice areas required expansion to meet growing demand, including Banking & Financial Services, Corporate/M&A, Capital Market, Life Sciences & Healthcare, and Environmental Law & Climate Change.

Last year, we were also recognized for something that has been part of our work culture since the very beginning – our ability to quickly assemble multidisciplinary teams for advising on complex demands and offering innovative legal solutions via a collaborative approach.

In addition, the combination of three of the firm’s inherent characteristics set us apart during this period – our technical expertise, empathy and availability.

Our professionals are driven by challenges, and this recent period of accelerated transformation gave us the opportunity to deal with unprecedented and highly complex issues.

“Our coordinated, multidisciplinary work was key to our performance, as it enabled us to help our clients feel confident about various legal considerations during this challenging time, such as those regarding M&A, labor, regulatory, and civil law. This partnership will last well beyond the pandemic, as our clients will look to us again for support in managing different scenarios and challenging tasks”

Ana Cândida Sammarco Partner in the Life Sciences & Healthcare practice area

“Speaking the language of our clients and avoiding overly technical jargon enables us to solve the most difficult issues and make them comfortable in challenging situations. It allows us to provide a unique experience, build trust and establish lasting relationships with our stakeholders”

Jean Marcel Arakawa Partner in the Capital Markets practice area

“We enjoy dealing with new issues. Of course, we continue to address the most traditional and established topics in law, with specialists focused on these areas, but we are also motivated by new legal developments that require creative thinking and pave the way for ideas that have yet to be thought of”

Lina Pimentel Environmental Law & Climate Change partner

Learn about some of the legal issues that had a more significant impact on companies in 2021 and see how our specialists worked to provide innovative solutions for these demands.

Litigation & Arbitration

Our Litigation and Arbitration team plays a leading role in the largest and most complex legal disputes in Brazil. We have been established in this position for many years, and our results in 2021 were reflected in the local and international recognition of our professionals’ outstanding service.

For partner Fabio Ozi, Mattos Filho offers something unique to our clients in this area – an integrated, multidisciplinary team that features specialists in different areas of law. “We have a great advantage when we deal with substantive law matters. By combining the efforts of our Litigation practice with other areas of the firm that focus on business and transactions, we provide more customized and more strategic assistance,” he highlighted.

The practice also serves as a business partner for our clients’ different day-to-day demands, assisting with issues requiring high-quality legal advice. “We operate in a highly efficient and comprehensive manner, which is possible because of our full-service model,” Fabio said. “Our client satisfaction index and high number of victories correspond to the quality and the work of our team.”

As for conflict resolution in 2021, we continued putting the lessons we learned in the previous year into practice. In 2020, Mattos Filho had participated in the world’s first large case involving an online arbitration hearing due to Covid-19 restrictions. “Previously, hearings and agreements were always conducted face-to-face. Holding a hearing or negotiating the settlement of complex disputes involving multiple jurisdictions without meeting in person was previously unthinkable. This has changed, and online meetings have proved an efficient alternative for everyone, including the judiciary. Our online sessions were a success and enabled us to effectively reach important agreements,” said Litigation & Arbitration partner Arthur Parente

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Banking & Financial Services

Two factors were vital for the practice’s growth. The first is the acceleration of an already existing trend – the digitalization of financial services and payments. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the growth of digital business models that should continue into the long term. The other factor was the Brazilian Central Bank’s efforts regarding projects such as open banking, the receivables registration framework, regulatory sandbox and PIX, which sparked companies to adapt their business and set new benchmarks for the Brazilian market.

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Environmental Law & Climate Change and ESG

2021 marked the first anniversary of Mattos Filho’s pioneering Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) practice. The practice has emerged at a time when traditional companies and entire economic groups have begun reviewing their business models and social purpose due to climate change, also realizing that water resources, biodiversity and waste are equally strategic issues in their process.

Over this period, we worked for clients in various models of carbon credit transactions. “We prepared more than thirty structures, which helped gather intelligence for developing future environmental asset cases. The ESG practice area, which covers these environmental issues together with numerous others of a social and governance nature, also provides a mandatory lens for companies looking for support applying ESG guidelines to their business,” says partner Lina Pimentel. “We apply this ESG lens to IPOs, fund formation, contracting chains in products and services’ life cycles, discussions on executives’ variable income, to name but a few examples.”

Crisis management is another increasingly relevant subject. In an ever-changing world, companies undergo many transformations, which may lead to various impasses, dilemmas and doubts. These crises may concern people – requiring the involvement of the Labor, Employment & Executive Compensation practice – or even business models. They can also refer to environmental crises, requiring a multidisciplinary team that may require the involvement of areas including Compliance, Litigation, Infrastructure, Mining, and Tax.

At the same time, more traditional environmental issues – such as the management of contaminated areas, solid waste (circular economy), and disputes over water resources – gained even greater prominence in organizations’ strategies, also requiring our attention and assistance.

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Corporate/M&A and Capital Markets

With the pandemic leading to a shortened calendar for companies, many sought to accelerate their plans.

“Mergers and acquisitions took place mostly in the financial services, fintechs, software and healthcare sectors,” explained Corporate/M&A partner Pedro Whitaker de Souza Dias. “The new digital economy has driven these movements, with the expansion of online retail and banking operations. The infrastructure and renewable energy sectors also remain significant and are experiencing growing demand, as Brazil still needs more investment to improve ports, highways, and other infrastructure.”

From IPOs to FPOs, 2021 saw the highest number of capital market transactions in Brazil since the Novo Mercado (New Stockmarket) was established in 2000.

“We worked on almost half of the 76 transactions that took place last year. Our full-service model was essential for advising clients on these transactions,” said Pedro Whitaker de Souza Dias. “When clients hire us, they know that they will be assisted by a team of more than 1,700 professionals.”

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Life Sciences & Healthcare

The Life Sciences & Healthcare practice was one of the most affected by the rapidly evolving global challenges. If technology previously prioritized markets such as infrastructure and finance, there is now a much greater focus on the digitalization of healthcare. The investments in technology applied to services in this area increased considerably in 2020 and 2021. Companies that were not traditionally involved in the sector started to consider investing, and Mattos Filho participated in cases related to important regulatory frameworks involving telemedicine and electronic medical prescriptions.

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A firm with a global outlook that understands local realities

Mattos Filho drives coordinated transformation. Whether at our Brazilian offices in São Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, or our overseas offices in London and New York, we demonstrate leadership as a team aligned with our culture and long-term view.

Rio de Janeiro

Mattos Filho commenced its operations in Rio de Janeiro with 115 lawyers and has established itself as one of the largest law firms in the city. With full-service operations, the firm participates in many of the most innovative and complex cases and transactions to have taken place in Rio de Janeiro, working with a wide array of industries, including oil and gas, energy, logistics, education, healthcare and retail.

“Local clients value partners with in-depth knowledge of the city’s reality. Over the years, we have built a reputation for being a single, cohesive, collaborative office that always places our clients first. The growth we have achieved in Rio is the result of our collective strength and an innovative vision for the future,” commented Pablo Sorj, a partner from the Infrastructure & Energy practice area.


Government decisions directly impact businesses. Accordingly, qualified legal counseling that takes the political and regulatory scenarios into account is vital. Aware that our clients will often need to deal with strategic matters in Brasília at some point, we have established ourselves as their go-to strategic partner for handling important cases in Brazil’s federal capital, working with regulatory agencies, the legislative and executive branches, as well as the higher courts.

We have experienced rapid growth in the last years, both in terms of revenue and the number of professionals. The office surpassed the historic mark of more than 100 professionals in 2021 in the wake of expansion within our Mining, Infrastructure and Antitrust practices.

“Throughout Mattos Filho’s history, it has always been very clear that when we invest in human development, knowledge, collaboration and diverse experiences, we create the perfect conditions for rapid growth in any city or country where we operate. Our performance in Brasília shows that the more qualified people we add to our team, the better our results,” explained Maricí Giannico, a partner in the Litigation & Arbitration practice area.

In 2021, we strengthened our relationship with government authorities by relaunching our Government Relations practice, which focuses on offering qualified legal advice in regard to legislative proposals while also considering the political and regulatory scenarios. This practice unites the firm’s technical expertise and multidisciplinary capability to improve the performance of different industries, applying legal reasoning to legislative processes and interactions with government agents, especially in Brazil’s capital. The practice’s activities observe the highest compliance, transparency, formality and technical standards.


The firm’s office in Campinas – an economically important city located in the state of São Paulo – completed its first year of operation in 2021. The office was established to further strengthen our relationships with local clients, as well as to create jobs for local professionals and contribute to the region’s socio-economic development. It enables a closer, full-service approach to assisting clients located in nine metropolitan regions within the state of São Paulo.

“The launch of the Campinas office is, above all, a way of leading new movements. While hiring talent from the region and creating opportunities, the presence of a firm such as Mattos Filho shows other companies that investing in such an area is worthwhile. It represents a transformation that encourages other businesses to spread their operations outside of major capital cities and distribute economic activity in Brazil more evenly,” said Vilma Kutomi, a partner in the Labor & Employment practice area.

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