Focusing on the long term, in recent years Mattos Filho has been investing in new technology and platforms, giving professionals greater flexibility and ensuring that client data and confidential information remain securely protected. These investments have also been essential in allowing the firm to face and overcome the challenges of social distancing.

In recent years, Mattos Filho has directed substantial investments towards the firm’s administrative departments — internally known as the Management and Development Group — boosting professionalism in these areas and increasing their capacity to serve the firm. These aspects are fundamental to guaranteeing support for Mattos Filho’s partners and associates.

Aligned with trends in local and international markets, the implementation of new technologies and platforms allowed for a greater level of agility and efficiency in the daily routines of professionals. It also provided a robust structure to guarantee the protection of data and confidential client information.

In 2020, the pandemic sparked a sudden and dizzying digital transformation. Therefore, companies that invested in technology strategically over the years were able to reap the benefits of this decision – as was the case for Mattos Filho.

The change of operation for the firm’s professionals from face-to-face work to working from home occurred rapidly over a short period. Shortly after the firm was required to change to a remote working regime in mid-March 2020, Mattos Filho implemented a remote work platform as part of an unprecedented logistical operation. This allowed its professionals to access computers and documents directly from their homes and ensured the firm could continue assisting its clients.

“The work we carried out then brought about a new way of working, giving partners, associates and clients peace of mind and a sense of security,” said Leonardo Brandileone, director of the Technology department. “We were already using the most modern technology in the market, and historically we have invested and updated the capabilities of the technology we use. This way, we can ensure that our business activities can continue without compromising on information security standards.”

The legal market is undergoing important changes, and technology is one of its main allies. At Mattos Filho, we invest in the leading platforms in the market to support our clients in developing their business."
Leonardo Brandileone
Director of Technology
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new platforms and services to assist in maintaining efficient service while professionals work from home

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books on legal topics made available in digital format to support the work of our partners and associates

Innovation as a pillar for excellent service

Aligned with the firm’s strategic planning and its vision for the future, Mattos Filho’s IT strategy has proven itself and is now entering its third phase, which should be completed by 2023.

In recent years, the move towards digital processes has intensified at Mattos Filho – investments in information security, technology platforms, and office solutions are among some of the measures the firm has adopted.

During the first stage, carried out in 2017, investment was directed towards implementing robust and secure platforms. Mattos Filho was the first full-service law firm in Brazil to adopt certain new technologies, such as cloud computing, to store documents and e-mails. This guaranteed our teams faster access to information and consequently sped up decision-making processes, facilitating our excellent service and relationships with clients.

In the second phase, investments were focused on acquiring new software and tools, transforming the different stages of the client experience at the firm while also making professionals’ daily routines more efficient and productive. In 2020, Mattos Filho reinvented the way it relates to its primary stakeholders. Initiatives included the launch of the Portal de Eventos (‘Events Portal’), an exclusive platform for clients outlining the complete schedule for the webinar program conducted by the practice areas. The portal also offers complimentary material developed by the firm’s partners and associates. Furthermore, there were improvements to the CRM platform for marketing-related activities and the acquisition of new tools for maintaining connections between teams and with clients.

The current phase involves investing in automating processes, making use of artificial intelligence and developing dashboards to assist in decision-making processes. “The legal market is undergoing important changes, and technology is one of its main allies. At Mattos Filho, we invest in the leading platforms in the market to support our clients in developing their business,” said Leonardo Brandileone.

End-to-end security

In the age of technology and information, data is an increasingly strategic asset. Since the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) took effect in Brazil in August 2020, activities such as law practice must incorporate strict confidentiality processes and security for accessing documents and files.

Once again, Mattos Filho has positioned itself at the forefront of the issue. The firm has been carrying out extensive compliance work, facilitated by the similarities between the LGPD and GDPR (European regulation dating back to 2016), which Mattos Filho was already familiar with due to its London office.

“The arrival of the LGPD represents a huge cultural shift for Brazil, whose sectoral laws (banking, consumer, medical, professional and internet use) were often few and far between and had limited application. Now, for the first time, we have comprehensive legislation that covers all sectors of the economy and any method of data collection,” explained Fabio Kujawski, a partner in the Data Protection & Cybersecurity and Intellectual Property practice areas.

We have a strong governance structure for data security, with risk prevention measures and a well-defined action plan for information recovery."
Fabio Kujawski
Partner – Data Protection & Cybersecurity/Intellectual Property

Mattos Filho’s information security culture is in line with the highest levels of certification standards. “We have a strong governance structure for data security, with risk prevention measures and a well-defined action plan for information recovery,” said Kujawski.

The firm has a continuous training program to update professionals in relation to data security and the handling of sensitive information. It also continuously monitors internal data access flow, relies on hierarchy and access control, and uses monitoring systems for deadlines and communications, ensuring the confidentiality of information in processes and procedures.

Leonardo Brandileone added that the firm works “with a well-structured practice stemming from its choice of partners and suppliers, who operate in accordance with the main information security certifications and invest in technology that is up to date with rules of the domestic and international markets.”