An evolving brand for new times

Successful brands are alive and constantly evolving. New times have led us to reflect on what we have always been – a brand that drives transformation. Now in our 30th year, Mattos Filho has arrived at a pivotal moment as we look back at all we have built to date. Yet we are also looking to do much more. To lead the legal environment and inspire new practices and attitudes. To be held as a reference for companies looking for new ways of doing business, creating even more value and positively impacting society.

This is not just about celebrating our 30th anniversary. Rather, this exercise addresses the firm we want to be for the next three decades, requiring us to rethink and put certain convictions aside so as to practice law in a different way.

One of the ways to achieve this state of reinvention is to understand our brand as a means to expand Mattos Filho’s potential to transform. Recognizing what makes us innovative and what sets us apart. Mapping out the path and wholeheartedly dedicating ourselves to this new journey. In order to inspire those around us, we asked ourselves a question – what space do we want to occupy in people’s lives? In answering this, we came to our purpose. We want to show we are here to promote a positive impact within both society and business by developing and evolving our legal practice. That is our reason for being, for existing.

Promote a positive impact within both society and business by developing and evolving our legal practice.

That is our reason for being, for existing.

“The starting point for our brand’s evolution and the revelation of our purpose was understanding that giving back to society and contributing to its progress should be an inherent part of any organization. We want to drive transformation and contribute to Brazil’s development through the practice of law. After all, that is precisely what practicing law is for – that must be the reason to practice it”

Roberto Quiroga Managing Partner

To build our new brand positioning and design our best version for the future, we revisited the firm’s history. We carried out an in-depth analysis of the work we have done, reflected in the 30 years the firm has contributed to developing law and society. This process was carried out with a lot of active listening and collaboration from the firm’s partners, professionals, clients and various other stakeholders.

Giving back to society and contributing to its progress should be an inherent part of any organization.

Through this process, we have come to understand that our pioneering spirit, openness to new ideas and willingness to do things differently have constantly been present throughout our history. We also understand that by treating legal practice not as an end, but rather as a means to build a better society, we will be able to go further.

Over the first three decades of the firm’s existence, this dynamism has translated into high performance, allowing us to stand out and make an impact within the market. We interpret what happens in the world to connect different people and groups, mediate relationships and anticipate the road ahead to find the best answers. This is how we have become – and will remain – a high-performing legal brand, a strategic partner offering clients innovative solutions to complex problems.

“The world has changed, and we are set to feel the consequences for a long time to come. It’s just the beginning – this transformation has resulted in new businesses, and therefore, new ways of helping clients and thinking up solutions. We live in a moment that has brought a wave of opportunity, when brands that are used to living in a changing environment find it easier to reinvent themselves”

Renata Correia Cubas Partner

“Mattos Filho has come up with innovative, creative solutions from the beginning. As such, we continue to remain competitive, relevant and prepared for the future”

Moacir Zilbovicius Partner

What are our brand values?

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Our brand’s values reinforce how we think – a set of principles we never stray from, which we revisit as we evolve.

We believe that diversity is value. Diversity attracts more diversity. Transformation starts by looking inward: who we are as a company must reflect the potential of the individuals within our firm. Opening safe spaces, working to include different groups, recognizing identities, and forming diverse teams are essential for respecting fundamental rights, promoting engagement and fostering innovation.

We believe that high performance and well-being go hand in hand. Our people are at the heart of our business. We prioritize humanized management and a flexible, balanced environment, as we believe this is synonymous with professional development and high performance.

We believe that we are better together. Our brand values collaboration, which guides our actions and shows that acting together allows us to go further. There is an organic synergy between our legal and administrative areas, our clients and the company, institutions and society, and between rights and responsibilities.

We challenge the status quo. Mattos Filho would not have arrived to where we are today if we had not questioned existing paradigms – including our own. We have created an environment that allows us to reconsider our convictions. Our entrepreneurial spirit guides our pursuit of innovation in everything we do. We go beyond our legal expertise, seeing ourselves as an integral part of the solution for a fairer and better society.

And how do we face and overcome these challenges, which make us grow as a brand and as human beings at the same time?

With an open mind. We approach the risks of transformation responsibly, with the courage and restraint to promote changes at the right time.

We consider well-being to be key to achieving excellence, and thus a focus on our people is at the core of how we provide our services. Therefore, a humanized approach to people management is the best way to offer a better balance between personal and professional goals.



“Mattos Filho strives to promote programs and initiatives focused on well-being, providing professionals with the means to attain an adequate work-life balance. That’s why we have developed a robust strategy for investing in human capital, based on respect”

Paula Moreira Indalecio Partner

“One thing that differentiates us is that we see no boundaries when we change. For us, it’s not just a change at Mattos Filho, only for the sake of the firm’s clients or teams. It’s something much bigger. We want to encourage the market to improve its performance, encouraging important discussions and influencing new behaviors”

Giovani Loss Partner

How does our new brand communicate?

Since our last brand repositioning in 2012, Mattos Filho's identity has stood out within the legal market for its personality, including the use of colors such as orange and purple.

Now, upon reaching its 30th anniversary, our new brand is based on the challenging premise of representing the firm's entire evolution and its potential for the coming years. At the same time, there is a new meaning behind our visual expression, with more freedom to introduce new elements, while certain existing assets (such as the combination of colors) have been maintained.

As our firm enters a new phase, upholding the outstanding service we are known for will continue to be our main objective. However, we will push ourselves to go further, to keep refining our values and work toward a better society. In this way, we can open new possibilities for the future, anticipate trends, promote change and seek out the best solutions for every situation.

“We understand the world has changed over the past few years – especially after the pandemic. Like many companies, our firm has sought to keep up with these changes, and therefore, it was crucial that our brand positioning followed in line, translating our role and our impact on the business environment and Brazilian society more clearly”

Ive LimaDirector of Communication and Marketing

Our identity elements drive our brand expression

In Mattos Filho’s new logo, the two “Ts” are joined together, symbolizing the firm’s close and trusting relationship with its clients and stakeholders. Meanwhile, the letter “A” is shaped like an arrow, representing progress, evolution and looking ahead toward the future. These elements allude to exchanges of knowledge and experiences between our professionals, forming a greater collective.

Our brand color palette is unique for the legal market, allowing for multiple variations with a focus on contrast, fusion and accessibility.

Moreover, our visual identity has gained new graphic elements that function as an extension of our logo, creating unique yet consistent combinations that convey our personality.

Pioneering communication in the legal sector

We have marked our next 30 years with a new communication campaign that is unprecedented in the Brazilian legal sector, involving printed newspapers, online news portals and social media.

The campaign features our professionals as the main protagonists – the people who truly represent change at Mattos Filho. Renowned Brazilian photographer Bob Wolfenson used his lens to portray them in a humanized, empathetic manner, as these are characteristics that we want to further exemplify in our work.

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